Death Rider “Thirteen” T-Shirt


Death Rider Thirteen T-Shirt is the perfect item if you are willing to elevate your rider look. High-quality material, great wearability and a meaningful design in a simple and yet stylish black T-Shirt. The number 13 represented on is the lucky number for motorcycled fanatics. The frequent skull symbol and a helmet, which stands for safety, complete this unique design.

T-Shirts Death Rider
Death Rider T-Shirts - Size Chart
Note: Measurements provided are of the product when laid flat, not body measurements.
Due to the specific fabric we use, measurements can vary by up to 5%.
XS178,5 - 26.747 - 68
S19,5 - 27.550 - 70
M20 - 28,353 - 72
L21.2 - 29.156 - 74
XL22.4-3059 - 76
XXL23.6-30.762 - 78